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Film Reel

Film Nights

We show up to two different recently released films a month using our up-to-date audio/visual facilities. .... more

Colorful Knitting

Knit & Knatter

Our friendly "knit and knatter" group get together at the Library on Monday mornings to knit, chat and help each-other improve our knitting skills over a cup of coffee. .... more

Teenagers in Library

For Kids

The library hosts many clubs and events specifically for children ranging from one-off events to learning Cantonese .... more


Reading Groups

The library hosts two reading groups which take place on the library on the third and last Wednesday of every month .... more

Computer Class

Computer Classes

The library has a well-equipped computer suite which is also used for computer classes .... more

Business People Talking

Special Events

The library is a fantastic community resource and we are always happy to host special events .... more

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